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Our connector is designed to meet the stringent requirements of UIC 558 VE (previously UIC 568 VE prior to 1994). It serves as the bridge connecting lines dedicated to remote control of lighting, door systems, and public address systems in passenger coaches and multiple unit trains. Notably, our connectors from this series are equally adept at facilitating the transmission of binary data.


  • Seamless Separation: Our innovative connector ensures a smooth and non-destructive separation of the plug and receptacle, allowing electrically connected vehicles to part ways without any damage.
  • No More Rewiring Hassles: With our connector, there’s no need for complex rewiring when reconnecting. It’s designed for hassle-free re-connection, saving you time and effort.
  • Simplified Maintenance: There is no need for time-consuming electrical testing of contacts and wires. Our connector is built for reliability, reducing the maintenance workload and individual contacts can be replaced with our provided tooling.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, our connector offers enhanced corrosion resistance, even against chemicals like acid or alkali-containing detergents.
  • Safety: Our connector meets stringent safety standards with a flammability rating of UL94-V0 and EN 45545, ensuring high-temperature resistance and reduced fire risk.
  •  Design: Our connector’s POKA-YOKE keying design guarantees that it can only be connected with matching inserts, preventing any mismatches and ensuring a secure connection every time.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Experience the convenience of connecting a 13-pole plug with an 18-pole receptacle, following the UIC 558 VE standard, offering compatibility and flexibility.


The connector complies with the requirements of UIC 558 VE. It connects lines used for the:

  • Remote control of lights.
  • Remote control of doors.
  • Public address systems in passenger coaches and multiple units.
  • Transmission of binary data.

We can also supply contact inserts for special applications.



UIC558VE series


13-pole / 18-pole / 22-pole+PE

Rated voltage

13 and 18 pole: without PE: 25 V AC / 60 V DC 22 pole: without PE: 60 V DC with PE: 110 V AC

Rated current Ie

10 A

IP rating (IEC 60529)

IP69K: plug connection when mated; cable entry of plug included IP67: receptacle, also empty and dummy receptacle, with closed lid

Temperature range

-50° C … +90° C

Vibration / Shock

Category 1, Class B (EN 61373)

Shells, flammability rating

UL94-V0 and EN 45545

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