S. Internationals


PC-B Series 3Phase Power connector having capacity of 200-300A/3KV

S.Internationals PC-B series connectors is for catering to needs for a Highly rigid connectors

PC-B Series plug with single or double ended connector cable:

  • Rugged, durable aluminium die cast housing
  • Termination: Comes with 8 Pin contacts, continuous low contact resistance, Crimp connection, wire gauge 120 mm².
  • Assembly of plug: Single or double ended connector with cable in different designs and lengths

PC-B Series Receptacle Features : 

  • Rugged, durable aluminium die cast housing, metal handled lid.
  • Termination: High-quality screw machined contact, continuous low contact resistance, crimp type connectors.
  • Provision of CAM type circular ratchet for 2 stage rigid & rapid locking mechanism
  • Pilot contact for feedback signalling on plug being mated.

PC-B Series dummy receptacle:

1. Rugged, durable aluminium alloy die cast housing.

2. Designed to accommodate PC-B series plugs (parking position)

3. CAM type circular ratchet locking mechanism

PC-B Series junction boxes:

1. Rugged, durable fabricated steel housing.

2. Termination:  Terminal blocks, Earthing: mounting surface or screw terminal.


1. Railway rolling stock applications.

2. Mining industry.


Rated voltage


Number of contacts

8Pin Configuration (3Phase, 1- Neutral, 2-Earthing,  2 pilot contacts)

Rated current


Terminal type

Crimp connection

Wire gauge

Upto 120 mm²

IP rating (IEC 60529, IP code)

When mated: IP65
Receptacle with lid closed: IP65

Shock, Vibration (IEC 61373)

Category 1, Class B

Operating temperature

- 50 °C … + 85 °C

Mechanical endurance (IEC 60512-9-1)

500 mating cycles


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